We stand behind our Products. If your bottle isn’t working as promised, please reach out to  support@hidrate.me. Our team will work with you to fix, replace, or return your bottle for free within the first 100 days of receiving your Hidrate Spark.

If you want to return the Product, please e-mail support@hidrate.me within the first 30 days after receiving the Product to arrange a return. Return shipping is free, provided that a) you use the pre-paid return label provided by Hidrate support team and b) the Product being returned is located in the United States (not including territories) or Canada.

A randomized clinical trial to investigate the impact of increased fluid intake and increased urine output on the recurrence rate of urinary stone disease (USD) in adults and children. The primary aim of the trial is to determine whether a multi?component program of behavioral interventions to increase fluid intake will result in reduced risk of stone disease progression over a 2?year period.

This is a two-arm randomized controlled trial that incorporates pragmatic features, an adaptable intervention, patient choice, and remote monitoring of fluid intake through a “smart” water bottle. The study period is 24 months and will enroll approximately 1642 participants. Randomization will be stratified within a study site by age (adult vs. adolescent) and first time vs. recurrent stone former.

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Paulownia is the fastest-growing hardwood. Its wood is light but strong, its flowers are rich in nectar, its leaves make good fodder for farm animals, it is deep-rooting, and late-leafing. Its canopy is quite sparse so that crops below it get both light enough to grow and shelter.

Paulownia wood is very light, fine-grained, and warp-resistant. Its low silica content reduces the dulling of blades, making production more sustainable. Every part of the tree can be used. The wood is burned to make charcoal for sketching and powder for fireworks, the bark is made into a dye. The silvery-grey wood is sliced into veneers for special visiting cards..

Body surfing is the purest most expressive way of connecting on a personal level with one of nature’s great elements.

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Released in 2011, the Healthy Harbor Plan is a ten-year strategy for making the Baltimore Harbor safe for swimming and fishing. The plan outlines goals for city and county government, residents, and businesses. Although no specific entity alone is responsible for implanting the Healthy Harbor Plan, Waterfront Partnership works towards these goals through cooperation with government, businesses, neighborhood groups, and other area nonprofits.

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